Best Gold Investment Companies

When people think of investment companies, they usually think of stock brokerage firms that manage several different types of financial transactions, such as stocks and bonds. But there is another type of investment company which is growing in popularity. It gives people an alternative way to save for retirement and achieve financial independence in their golden years. It is an investment in precious metals.

Gold and silver are the two most popular precious metals for investment purposes. You’ll need to open a special type of IRA account to hold them as an investment. We recommend you start by contacting a gold investment company for further guidance. They can show you the right way to approach precious metal investments.

Below are the top 10 gold Precious Metals investment companies

Best Gold IRA Investment Companies 

1) Goldco Gold Company 

Goldco is definitely one of the best gold investment companies. It allows its account holders to create something called “Gold IRAs.” A Gold IRA is a new way of saving money for retirement. Basically, the investment company will sell you physical gold or silver and hold it on behalf of your IRA account. You don’t have to store any of the precious metals yourself.

In the case of Goldco, they sell coins to their IRA accountholders. They also offer advice to customers regarding where the best investment opportunities are available for customers. Most precious metal coin investors have Gold IRA accounts with Goldco. If you are interested in creating a Gold IRA account with Goldco, you need to understand the requirements and restrictions on these accounts.

For example, you cannot purchase any type of coin for the Gold IRA. Only certain types of coin assets are eligible based on their level of purity. The Internal Revenue Service created these requirements, so it is important to comply with them. Fortunately, you’ll have Goldco available to ensure that you comply with all federal requirements for holding a Gold IRA.

It is easy to get started. You simply sign up for a Gold IRA account at Goldco. After that, you’ll be presented with a series of preselected coins for sale.  You can purchase any of these coins online to add to your personal portfolio. These preselected coins have the highest level of purity and value, so you don’t need to make those determinations. They have been made for you.

As a result, you can buy some of the purest gold coins imageable at Goldco. Each coin has been minted and certified for its high level of purity too. And if you already have another type of IRA account, Goldco can advise you on how to roll over from one account to the Gold IRA account. That way, you can use the retirement funds presently available in one IRA account to purchase gold coins for your Gold IRA account.

A professional custodian is required to manage each gold transaction. The custodian is the one who guides you and offers advice. They can tell you which gold coins to buy and which vault you’ll need to store them for your Gold IRA. You can even ask them about investing in silver and storing precious metals in your home rather than a vault. Ask them anything you want about precious metal investments. Custodians are there to answer all your questions.

The process is very straightforward for all new precious stone investors. You don’t need any prior experience to succeed. Goldco is considered to be the top gold investment company in the precious metals industry. That is why most investment experts recommend them to their clients. The only downside is that Goldco requires you to invest a minimum of $25,000 into precious metals.

2) Augusta Precious Metals Gold Company 


In 2012, Augusta Precious Metals was formed in Beverly Hills, California. After eight years, they grew into one of the leading precious metals companies in the country. They have earned BBB accreditation for their honesty and the value they give to their customers.

Augusta Precious Metals focuses on the best interests of its customers by offering them lower prices on precious metals. Not only that, but they guide customers through the investment process from beginning to end. You can sign up for a Gold IRA account with a minimum investment requirement of $50,000.

Famous NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana is the corporate ambassador to Augusta Precious Metals. He has been investing with them for years and encourages other people to do the same. Augusta Precious Metals is comprised of several different departments to assist and educate customers before they make a purchase.

Anyone who is a beginner can learn how to invest wisely from the company. Their investment analysts are professional, smart, and educated in all areas of precious metal investments. And if you choose to invest in silver coins, you can earn 10% back as a new customer.

3) Birch Gold


Birch Gold has established itself as the premier gold investing service provider in the industry. When you’re ready to invest with Birch Gold, they can help you set up a 401(k) account or Gold IRA account. Both types of accounts can store physical gold. 

Customers receive access to a team of dedicated investment professionals who can introduce you to some of the best precious metal custodians in the business. They can manage all of your precious metal transactions to ensure that you maximize your profits and gains.

Birch Gold has strict requirements for all precious metal investments. These requirements are only meant to help you earn more value on your investments. The custodial service providers will never let you down. They can guide you through every step of the precious metal investment process.

If you want to rollover funds from your current IRA account and put them into a new Gold IRA account, the custodians can walk you through that process as well. Gold IRAs offer amazing tax advantages that can last you for many years. You’ll learn more about those benefits after you sign up for the Gold IRA account.

Every new customer is assigned to a professional advisor. Your advisor will ask you questions about your investment goals and what you’d like to achieve over the next several years. Based on what you tell them, the advisor will show you which gold investments can help you achieve your goals. And when you’re ready to sign up for a custodian service to automate the gold storage process, the advisor can assist you with that as well.

You get more than advisory services at Birch Gold. You also get an education in precious metal investments. That way, your learned knowledge can make you feel confident in your investments and decision-making abilities. Birch Gold wants you to feel good about every precious metal purchase you make. That is why they offer so many different products and investment options.

The most popular investments are for rare gold coins. But you can also purchase silver coins and fine palladium bars too. Storing your physical investments won’t be an issue because Birch Gold is partnered with the industry’s very best precious metal depositories. All your precious metals can be stored in these depositories for as long as you want to own them.

The only thing you cannot invest in at Birch Gold is cryptocurrencies. But you probably wouldn’t want to do that if you’re looking to invest in precious metals anyway.

4) Regal Assets Gold


Regal Assets offers plenty of alternative investment options to customers, including cryptocurrencies and precious metals. It is the perfect way to diversify your investment portfolio with both virtual assets and physical assets.

Most investment companies do not allow IRA account holders to add cryptocurrencies to their portfolios. Regal Assets, on the other hand, is one of the few investment companies that does allow it. Imagine having an IRA account with silver coins, gold bars and bitcoin cryptocurrency investments added to it. That is the true definition of diversity.

Regal Assets gives you access to so many different cryptocurrency and precious metal investment opportunities. You can fill your IRA account with a wide range of cryptocurrencies, whether they’re popular or alternative cryptocurrencies.  Not too many other investment companies offer this kind of diversity.

What’s even more impressive is that Regal Assets lets you view a video feed of your physical assets in storage. Now you can see your platinum bars and gold coins for the first time. And if you want to repurchase more precious metals and add them to storage, you can do that too.

Regal Assets is upfront about their storage fees and yearly service fees. This makes it easy to calculate how much your investments will cost and how much of a return you can expect on them each year.

5) Noble Gold


Investors want to have confidence in the security of their investments, especially where precious metals are concerned. Since these are physical assets, investors want to make sure they’re safe and protected. That is why they would rather store their precious metal investments in a depository than in a box underneath their bed. There is far less chance of having your precious metals stolen if they’re stored in a secure location.

Most gold investment companies will contract with third-party depositories to store the precious metals of their customers. However, many investors don’t feel comfortable storing their precious metals in a separate location from where their IRA accounts are located. They think that these third-party depositories won’t do enough to protect their assets because they don’t directly connect with the investors.

Noble Gold is a unique gold investment company because they’ve developed their own private depository to secure the precious metal investments of their customers. They don’t rely on any third-party depositories to serve this purpose. Many investors feel more comfortable investing larger sums of money at Noble Gold because the company is actually the one storing the precious metals for them.

Noble Gold established its private storage facility in Texas. As a customer, you can purchase physical gold bullion and store it there directly. This can give you peace of mind by knowing where your investments are located. You don’t get this kind of peace of mind when you buy precious metals like gold bullion from other investment companies.

In fact, what is truly unique about Noble Gold is that they can deliver your physical assets right to your house. Once you see the actual tangible assets in front of you, it will give you a greater sense that your investments have real value. The home delivery service is there to reassure you that Noble Gold is storing something of value for your IRA account. After you have this reassurance, you won’t be afraid to invest more money in precious metals.

Noble Gold also offers something called “survival packages.” These packages are designed for investors interested in preserving their current wealth rather than looking to increase it. The upside to the survival packages is that they can keep your assets safe during tough economic times. No one can predict the future, so there is no guarantee of what might happen to your financial situation in the years ahead. A survival package could be the very one thing that keeps you afloat when times are bad.  

The minimum investment amounts for the survival package range between $5,000 and $500,000. Don’t be afraid to put your nest egg into a survival package because it will secure your financial future if a recession ever occurs.

6) Patriot Gold


Patriot Gold is a renowned precious metals company that is said to be the leader of the industry. They offer both investment guidance and opportunities so that you can get started without any experience in precious metal investments.

Patriot Gold is another gold investment company that allows its investors to receive home deliveries of their precious metals. If you’ve invested in bars or coins, you can have them delivered to your house for inspection and review. Patriot Gold lets you invest in many different types of precious metals. It is up to you whether you’d like to have the physical assets in your personal storage or have the company help you store them somewhere else safely.

Most investors would actually prefer not to store any physical assets because of the risk involved. That is why Gold ETFs are so popular these days because it offers investors an indirect way to invest in gold. Rather than purchasing the physical gold directly, you are investing in other companies that own physical gold. That way, all the responsibility of gold storage management does not fall on your shoulders. But you still have to rely on your invested companies to manage the gold properly. You have no power over it.

Therefore, the level of ownership does matter with gold. If you own the physical gold, you can benefit a lot more when the value of gold rises. You don’t have to split the earnings with other investors of an ETF. And there is virtually no risk of gold losing value because it is a precious metal. That means it is a rare metal that can only rise in value over time.

The best way to purchase precious metals is in coin format. Gold coins are the easiest to store and retrieve whenever you want. They also have the highest resale value in the marketplace if you ever decide to cash out. Patriot Gold makes it simple for new investors to get started with investing in precious metals. If you end up putting more than $100,000 into your account, you won’t be charged any annual fees or storage fees. How great is that? Note: Accounts valued under $100,000 will be charged a service fee of $180 per year.

Patriot Gold has simplified the account sign up process. You don’t have to go through all the complicated obstacles and waiting periods as you do with other gold investment companies. You could sign up for an account with Patriot Gold and see it get approved the very same day.

New investors are encouraged to sign up for a no-fee IRA account. As long as you purchase gold coins or silver coins that are approved for IRA accounts, you won’t be charged any additional fees on them. You could literally get started with investing in precious metals today.

7) Advantage Gold


Advantage Gold offers education to customers about the benefits of setting up a Gold IRA account. Precious metal prices continue to rise, and they want you to take advantage of that. The company’s professional advisors will inform you on which investments are best for your particular financial goals.

The account setup process does not take long here either. You can have a Gold IRA account set up very quickly. Then you can begin investing in gold, silver or other precious metals. The advisors can let you know which precious metal coins on the market have the best value.

Aside from the usual gold recommendations, you may be encouraged to invest in platinum as well. Many gold investment companies don’t offer customers the option to purchase platinum for their Gold IRA account. Advantage Gold does offer this option, which has attracted many investors who want to diversify their investment portfolios to the greatest extent possible.

Advantage Gold gives you access to an impressive collection of precious metal coins. You can browse through the collection and choose the coins which can give your portfolio the most value possible. You will get great joy out of buying valuable coins because they have real tangible value. The traditional stock and bond investments don’t really make investors feel like they own anything because there is nothing tangible to hold in their hands. All they see are numbers on a computer screen. Precious metals offer much more than that to investors. They give them confidence that their investments are real and have real value.

Are you interested in minted coins? Advantage Gold gives you access to invest in minted precious metals from institutions throughout the world. It is a great way to maximize your retirement savings for many years to come. Their advisors can counsel you about the advantages of opening a 401(k)-retirement account and adding precious metal investments to it. There are several tax advantages associated with both Gold IRAs and 401(k)s.

Remember that not all precious metals are eligible for IRAs. Advantage Gold can show you which precious metals are approved by the Internal Revenue Service for certain retirement accounts. That way, you don’t end up investing in precious metals that don’t give you any tax benefits.

The IRS requires you to follow specific rules and regulations when investing in precious metals for a retirement account like a Gold IRA. One of the biggest rules is that a custodian must manage your IRA account. You are not allowed to manage your own IRA account if it has precious metal holdings. Don’t worry, though, because Advantage Gold can set you up with an experienced custodian who can manage your precious metals and satisfy the IRS’s requirements. The custodian is the one who stores your precious metals in an ultra-safe location.

When you’d like to receive a payout on your investments, Advantage Gold can give you the payout in something other than cash. They can also pay you in bars and coins too. Some investors might find an advantage in receiving these other types of payouts. Of course, there is always a risk in storing precious metals at your home if you decide to receive bullion payouts rather than cash payouts.

At the very least, you should install a sophisticated safe in your home if you want to store your precious metals in it. But if you don’t want to bother taking on this type of risk, it is much easier to have a custodian handle the storage of your assets for you. They’ll keep your coins and bars in a high-security vault. No one will be able to access it except you and your custodian.

Advantage Gold does not require you to make any minimum investment amount. That means anyone with a little extra cash can get started investing in precious metals.

8) Lear Capital


Lear Capital is more of a financial services company that manages precious metal transactions. They have processed billions of dollars in the purchases and sales of precious metals.

When you sign up with Lear Capital, they offer you both education in precious metals investing and security in purchasing and selling precious metals. Their precious metal investment experience and expertise will become invaluable to you as a new Gold IRA accountholder.

They will let you know which gold coins are IRS-approved and hold significant value for your future retirement needs. You won’t be required to do any research into precious metal values. Lear Capital does the research for you and makes the best recommendations based on the data they’ve uncovered about the market. When you’re ready to purchase precious metals for your Gold IRA account, you can shop for them right on their online store.

The only downside is that each precious metal purchase comes at a higher cost than what you would find at other gold investment companies. But the extra money pays for the convenience of the education and expert advice you receive.

9) Orion Metal Exchange Gold


Orion Metal Exchange is an expert in researching coins that have the highest value in the precious metals industry. They offer a home delivery service in case you’d like to see and store your own precious metal coins. You won’t have to guess and wonder which coins make the best investments.

Orion Metal Exchange does all of the research for you. They’ll recommend the best coin investments for your portfolio. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to preserve your wealth or increase it. The company’s advisors can show which investments will let you do either one. You will learn about the most valuable precious metal coins available to purchase. If it is a good time to sell your metals, they will let you know as well.

Their customer service has received amazing reviews. Orion Metal Exchange can walk you through each step of the investment process, so you never have any confusion whatsoever. If you’re the type of investor who wants an IRA account, they can show you how to invest in precious metals with it. And if you ever want to sell your precious metals back to the company, they will make it easy for you to do that.

10) American Bullion Gold


American Bullion is a rising star in the world of precious metals. They’re revolutionized the use of Gold IRAs in the precious metals industry. Many investors consider American Bullion to be the most trustworthy company as far as Gold IRAs are concerned.  That is why they aren’t afraid to invest larger sums of money because they know American Bullion can manage their investments safely and properly. You will have total confidence in the value of your assets.

Unlike many of the other gold investment companies, American Bullion is actually a registered precious metals dealer. They are authorized to purchase and sell high-quality precious metals, including minted metals. It is no wonder why the United States Mint has approved them.

American Bullion operates an online store where you can purchase precious metals online without any hassle. It is no different than shopping for items on Amazon. You can just browse through the online precious metals catalogue and click “Add to Cart” when you find the ones you want to buy. Then click “Checkout” to complete your purchase. It has never been easier to invest in precious metals until American Bullion came around.

American Bullion does more than operate an online store, though. They can give you precious metal investing services too. In other words, they will handle the backend aspects of purchasing and storing precious metals. After you make your purchase, the company will hold your precious metals in a highly secure storage facility approved by the IRS.

If you need to set up a new IRA account, the advisors of American Bullion will explain the entire process to you. They’ll even show you how to transfer money from another financial account into your new IRA account. That way, you can begin investing in precious metals as soon as your account is approved. There is no better time to start building your retirement portfolio than the present, right?

IRA rollovers are their specialty. The best part is that American Bullion does not charge any account services fees or storage fees during the first year.

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