China - Gold Facts
  • The world’s largest producer of gold - 350.9 tonnes of gold produced in 2010 (13.1% of world production)
  • Demand for gold in 2011 reached 769.8 tonnes, second only to India and 20% increase from the previous year
  • Gold demand for investment reached a total of 258.9 tonnes, or $13.4 billion in 2011
  • More than 80% of gold jewellery in China is made from pure 24 carat gold - hedge against potential unsustainable growth in property prices experienced in recent years
  • Significant holder of gold reserves - 1,054 tonnes official sectors holdings in 2010
  • 60% of Chinese gold production comes from five provinces: Shandong, Henan, Jiangxi, Yunnan and Fujian
  • China has a large number of relatively small operating mines, consolidation has reduced the number of producing entities from 1,200 in 2002 to 700 at the end of 2010